Sonali Skandan | Repertoire
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Solo Works

A journey into the solo art of Bharatanatyam, where the art is manifested in its full form- from the intricate footwork to eloquent abhinaya. Margam meaning "path," is a journey the dancer takes from the simple to the complex, from devotion to love and finally to bliss.

The legendary Balasaraswati stated about Bharatanatyam, "the Bharatanatyam recital is structured like a great temple. We enter the gopuram (outer tower) of Alarippu, cross the ardha mandapam (halfway hall) of Jatiswaram, then the mandapam (great halls) of Sabdam, and enter the holy precinct of the deity in Varnam. We dance to the Padams, experiencing the containment, cool and quiet as entering the sanctum…then the Tillana breaks in to movements like the final burning of incense accompanied by a measure of din and bustle. In conclusion the devotee takes to his heart the god he has so far glorified. The dancer completes the traditional order by dancing to a simple devotional verse."

Running time : 90 Minutes | 1 dancer | Live orchestra or studio recorded music

From Heaven and Earth (2011-2012)

A selection of solo items where the earthly become the divine, where ritual and daily life merge, and the Gods and Goddesses walk the earth. Sonali presents classical pieces and original pieces with the theme of devotion and desire as their crux.

Running time : 45-60 minutes | 1 dancer | Live orchestra or studio recorded music.


Mayura:Blue Peacock (2014)

The evening-length work uses classical poetry and literature to weave vivid images of the peacock from Indian myths and legends - from the powerful ancient Mayil Virutham which praises the peacock as Lord Muruga's vehicle, to the lilting epics of Kalidasa describing the peacock in the rains, as a reminder of Ram's longing for Sita, to the love songs of Andal and Mirabhai. Original music score by Rajkumar Bharathi

Running time : 75 minutes with Intermission | 4-6 dancers | Live orchestra or studio recorded music.


Swarupa: Infinite Form (2011)

Through the poetic movement and storytelling of the Indian Classical Dance form of Bharatanatyam, we encounter the dynamic forms of Shiva – from his dance of bliss to his dance of anger and destruction, to the love, longing, desire, and devotion felt by all those who seek him. Swarupa is an evening-length work that presents a suite of solos, duets and dynamic group pieces that speak of the all-mighty dance of Shiva – and the fear, joy and love that he manifests through his dance. The result is a richly evocative and soulful experience of classical music and dance.

Running time : 100 minutes with Intermission | 5-6 dancers | Live orchestra or studio recorded music.

Rasa/Laya (2009)

Rasa, or flavor, mood and Laya, or rhythm combine in a joyful expression of group dance where classical items are presented in dynamic group formations and interactions.

Running time: 60 minutes | 4-5 dancers | Live orchestra or studio recorded music.